Criminal Defense


You are protected by the United States Constitution, statutory defenses and common-law defenses when facing criminal charges. Only an experienced attorney can sort through the facts of your case, prepare the proper defense and skillfully deal with prosecutors. Further, it is important to retain an experienced advocate as soon as possible to ensure that you can assert the proper challenges, whether you are facing indictment, at the trial stage or even at the appellate stage. The Winston-Salem criminal defense attorneys of Grace, Tisdale & Clifton  have the knowledge and expertise to properly handle your criminal matter. READ MORE

Civil Litigation


Civil litigation involves many complexities in procedure and law that only an experienced legal professional can competently handle. At the Winston-Salem law firm of Grace, Tisdale & Clifton, our attorneys understand the numerous procedural and legal hurdles, as well as the many practicalities of resolving your civil matter. We can skillfully handle the most complex civil matter, and you can be confident that your case is in the best hands. READ MORE